Ramona Medical Center

1516 Main Street

Suite 102 Ramona, CA 92065


Dr. Susan D. Homesley

Practicing in Ramona Since 1981



General Optometry


No matter what your eye care needs, Dr. Homesley will provide you with a comprehensive exam, and then discuss all of your medical and corrective options.

We provide a wide range of services, including:


• Comprehensive Eye Exams

• Glaucoma Screening

• Prescription Drugs for Some Eye Diseases

• Cataract and Other Eye Surgery Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Treatment

• Eyewear Prescriptions for Glasses and Contact Lenses

• Low-Vision Treatment

• Visual Therapy

• Learning Disabilities

• Pathology Checks (Emergency Visits)

We'll make sure that our treatment provides you with the best vision medically available.


Dr. Homesley will make sure you feel comfortable, and understand the important choices you may have to make when deciding what treatment solutions are best for your needs. It's all part of our goal to help you see the world clearly.

Laser Surgery Co-Management


If surgery for cataract removal or lasik corrective surgery is appropriate for you, we will help you to understand the benefits and risks of surgery. We can recommend and refer you to area surgeons who perform the procedure. We will work closely, in partnership, with you and your surgeon for pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical care.

Contact Lenses


Dr. Homesley can identify the appropriate contact lens for your vision needs and lifestyle. If you haven't considered contacts recently, contact lenses are now a viable option in place of glasses for people who rely on bifocals, or who wear glasses to correct for astigmatism.  Contact lenses are a great option for active youth involved in sports.

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