Ramona Medical Center

1516 Main Street

Suite 102 Ramona, CA 92065


Dr. Susan D. Homesley

Practicing in Ramona Since 1981


Susan Homesley O.D.

Optometrist, Dr. Homesley, was originally an educator and holds a State of California Teaching Credential. She became interested in Optometry when working with children who were having learning difficulties. Dr. Homesley has maintained her optometry practice in Ramona since 1981. She is a San Diego native and has raised her 3 sons here in Ramona.


Angela Guzzetta - Director of First Impressions

Angela is usually the first face you will see when entering our optometry office. Born in Wisconsin, Angela moved to Ramona in 2004, and began working at Dr. Homesley's practice in 2007. Angela is our scheduling queen.




Joyce Channon - Contact Lens Specialist

Joyce is a Certified Para Optometric and Medical Assistant and has been with Dr. Homesley since 1999. She is very knowledgeable about contact lenses and a professional in her field. Joyce is a Southern California native, originally from Escondido, and has lived in Ramona since l972, raising her two girls here.



Alison Johnson – Eyeglass Frame and Lens Specialist

Alison was born and raised in England and moved to San Diego in 1992. She moved to Ramona in 2007, and she started working at Dr. Homesley's practice in January of 2009. Alison brings over 20 years of eyecare experience and can help you choose a frame and lenses to suit your lifestyle.



Mimi Schulty - Pretesting Specialist

Mimi has lived in Ramona since 1976, and joined the practice in May 2010. Mimi is wonderful at making patients feel comfortable while she pretests them before they see the optometrists. Mimi also helps out in many other areas of the practice, including the front desk, eyeglass frame room and contacts lenses.



Lucy Mayhew - Lab Specialist

Lucy is the newest member of our staff, joining us in Oct of 2011. She checks in all of the eye glasses that come in from the manufacturer, does minor repairs, and dispenses the final product. Lucy also pretests patients and helps out wherever needed.



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